Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Williamstown Beach Picnic and Paddle.

Williamstown Beach Picnic and Paddle.

Sunday 3rd April, 2011 10am to 3.30pm.

Inland Outriggers will be conducting a training day for any outrigger paddler that would like to come for a paddle. A new lightweight Tiger ROC and lightweight Mirage OC6 will be available to any club to test paddle. We will run a couple of singles and doubles races during the day. If you have a single or double canoe bring it but don't stress if you haven't cause we'll give you a go. So bring a picnic hamper and join us. All we ask is you come on time to help set up the big canoes and pull them apart again.

COST: $0.00

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inland Outriggers: Dave Kalama paddling drill.

Inland Outriggers: Dave Kalama paddling drill.

Dave Kalama paddling drill.

Dave Kalama came up with a simple paddle exercise and a drill that exhibits why reaching is so much more efficient, and helps you build a good reach into your stroke. He named it the Kalama 50/50 because that's how we're going to analyze your stroke.

This exercise is for any kind of paddling, and it's effective whether you try it in an OC-1, a SUP or even something low performance like a rotomolded kayak.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adelaide Regatta March, 2011

Adelaide Regatta March, 2011

Follow the link to the ausoutrigger page on this event!

Adelaide Regatta March, 2011.

20 paddlers from Inland travelled interstate to compete at the 4th Annual Adelaide Outrigger Canoe Regatta at Grange Beach.
There were many great performances by the less fancied river paddlers. Of particular note was the breakthrough win by the Men's Open OC6 crew of Peter Garfield, Dylan Guascoine, Tony Bond, Dave Rowe, Don Larcombe and Rod Clark (Steer). It is the first time for quite a while that the Melbourne men have been beaten and the first ever win for Inland Men in a open ocean race!
The women were very competitive in the women's open OC6 race coming a close second to Melbourne women. Conditions on day one were perfect for Inland with a relatively flat ocean.
Day two was a different story with stiffening winds blowing in a choppy swell challenging all who paddled. With the sixes events completed on day one the singles and doubles came out to play. Jane McMullan and Yvette McCormack-Hall turned it on in the womens open marathon taking first and second place. The Junior marathon was a demonstation of how far Inland has come with Ash Bell, Josh Hanson and Maddie McCormack-Hall taking first, second and third showing skills normally possessed by experienced ocean paddlers. The men's open marathon was a tight struggle with several lead changes until Melbourne's Jason (the flying scotsman) Shepherd made a break and held onto the lead. Second place was decided by a sprint to the line with Inland's Rod Clark getting a nose in front of Melbourne's Garry Jones. The paddle of the day was Dylan Guascoines (19U) fourth place in the men's open marathon. The inspirational effort of the day was the OC2 novice marathon, only Sue Proctor and Barry Bell took on the conditions, they hulied (capsized) four times but at no stage did they give up!