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VicSuper YMCA Murray Marathon photo's.

VicSuper Murray marathon outrigger results

1st place
Kaylahkanoah - Inland Outriggers (GrAd-Relay)
Alexis Hawken,Anthony Kavanagh,Ash Bell,Brayden Serpell,David Rowe,Dylan Guascoine,Josh Hanson,Judi Clark,Karen Hawken,Kate Phillips,Lisa Clarke,Lucy Proctor,Maddie McCormack-Hall,Mark McQuillan,Nicole Calleja,Rob Clarke,Rod Pell,Rod Clark,Shantelle Keech,Sue Proctor,Thomas Bryans,Tony Bond,Yvette McCormack-Hall
Outrigger- Open- Open(1)
Number 348
Day 1
90 km
13.3 kph
Day 2
77 km
12.5 kph
Day 3
59 km
13.5 kph
Day 4
73 km
13.2 kph
Total 22:50:16 13.1kph
Dhunglang Madhang - Inland Outriggers (GrAd-Relay)
Amy Foster,Bevin Florence,Bill Dunn,Brad Hunter,Chris Cavanagh,David MORGANS,Dennis Scammell,Don Larcombe,Eleri Kerr,Ian Whiting,Karen Schofield,Liz Bashford,Mark Oman,Narelle Hunter,Norm Braine,Peter Cole,Peter Garfield,Roslyn Keech,Tom Reid,Tony Kewish,Troy Clymo,Yvonne Stansfield, Annie Pankhurst, Jenny Larcombe, Deb Rowe.
Number 349
Day 1
13.0 kph
Day 2
12.2 kph
Day 3
13.3 kph
Day 4
13.1 kph
DILLIGAF Nathalia Canoe Club (GrAd-Relay)
Alysha Sutton,Brett Hicks,Brett Sutton,Carina Walsh,Corey Stewart,Daniel Wilkinson,Daryl Sutton,Glen Hamson,Ian McIntosh,James Miller,Matt Gilbert,Rachel Wilkinson,Ray Goldsack,Ray Hicks,Wayne Geisler, Stephen Scammel, Jenny Larcombe, Adrian Rose, Barry Bell.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YMCA Murray Marathon Schedule.

Marathon Timetable
VicSuper Murray Marathon > Event Info > Marathon Timetable
Dec 26 - Check in and Briefing Dec 27 - Yarrawonga to Tocumwal 94km
Dec 28 - Picnic Point to Echuca 76km
Dec 29 - Echuca to Torrumbarry 63km
Dec 30 - Murrabit to Swan Hill 75km
Dec 31 - Murrabit to Swan Hill 75km
Each day is divided into four stages, separated by checkpoints. Officials record each paddler’s progress at every checkpoint for safety and time-keeping purposes. Checkpoints allow competitors and teams to change paddlers, pick up refreshments and rest aching muscles during the event. Results and standings are posted at each campsite. If you are unable to complete the course on any day you must notify the official checkpoint leader of your withdrawal. You may then start as normal on the next or any subsequent day.

Dec.26th 1pm Sharp.

All paddlers are required to assemble at our Yarrawonga Campsite at 1pm.

We will need to have the canoes scrutineered, get our relay tickets, put the canoes together and chain them on the grass bank next to the boat ramp.

4 pm Team meetings.

Overall team briefing, then separate briefing for each team, work out your car scuttles for tomorrow now, fill out your relay tickets, make sure the first three crews have lifejackets(junior team only). A set of paddles will stay in the canoe for the duration of the day, lifejackets must be WORN by all junior crew paddlers regardless of age. Six lifejackets must be placed in the senior crew canoe each morning. The senior crew have the option of wearing their own lifejacket. All the red jackets will be in use by the junior crew so the seniors need to source their own.
All paddlers must attend the briefing at Yarrawonga oval in the evening, their may be more course changes we have to work out.

Legends crew, please take the trailer back with you to Tocumwal after the briefing and park it next to the big Fish the next morning before you head off to do your leg.


After the briefing return to camp and relax, get ready for the great adventure.

Nominate a property officer/s for each team to keep track of our very expensive equipment.

Due to course changes the canoes have to be trailered to the next start on Day1, Day3, Day4, Day5.
At Tocumwal at the end of day one the trailer will be parked next to the big fish by the Legends ready for us to load the canoe. We must load up quickly and drive to Picnic Point and set them up again on the grass ready to go in the morning.
When we paddle into Echuca we will chain the canoes at their normal spot at Vic Park Boat Ramp ready for Day3.
At Torrumbarry Rod Pell will have parked the trailer at the finish line close to the boat ramp prior to our arrival. We then have to drive to Murrabit and set the canoes up again.
At Swan Hill we should have the trailer parked 200m downstream of the finish upstream of the bridge so we can load up from the grassy bank. Pack up and go back to Murrabit for the repeat of Day4.

You may bring your own(Seniors).
Kaylah Kanoah to use the red club lifejackets.
There will not be enough for five legs so make sure you pass them on to those that need them later.


26th December Yarrawonga Caravan Park.

27th and 28th December two nights at Echuca (option to stay at Picnic Point caravan park on 27th will avoid a very early start in the morning)

29th Murrabit Football Club

30th Murrabit Football Club (Catered)

31st Swan Hill, Official camp site. Please stay with us and tell stories about our great adventure.


Paddlers Schedule for the Murray Marathon.

Inland Outriggers Paddlers Schedule.
Day One. Yarrawong to Tocumwal

Dhunglang Madhang Kaylah Kanoah
Start 22km The Starters Hanson’s Heroes

Alpha 21km Legends Mark’s Marauders

Bravo 25km Team Grunt Belly’s Beauties

Charlie 26km Team Turbo Rod’s Chooks

Day Two. Picnic Point to Echuca
Start 26km The Starters Rod’s Chooks

Bravo 12km Legends Mark’s Marauders

Charlie 16km Team Turbo Hanson’s Heroes

Delta 22km Team Grunt Belly’s Beauties

Day Three. Echuca to Torrumbarry
Start 15km The Starters Mark’s Marauders

Alpha 15km Team Turbo Rowey’s Rebels

Bravo 17km Team Grunt Belly’s Beauties

Charlie 16km Legends Hanson’s Heroes

Day Four. Murrabit to Swan Hill
Start 15km The Starters Belly’s Beauties

Alpha 16km Legends Rowey’s Rebels

Bravo 24km Team Turbo Hanson’s Heroes

Charlie 20km Team Grunt Mark’s Marauders

Day Five. Murrabit to Swan Hill
Start 15km The Starters Rowey’s Rebels

Alpha 16km Team Turbo Hanson’s Heroes

Bravo 24km Team Grunt Mark’s Marauders

Charlie 20km Legends Belly’s Beauties

If one of your crew can’t paddle for any reason they may be replaced by another member of your team, BUT, no person can paddle two consecutive legs.

Seat allocations are as per the teams, ie first person named is seat one etc.

These teams have been carefully selected to cater for work commitments, balance and performance over the entire race, no correspondence will be entered into.

Team Manager Kaylah Kanoah Rod Clark, Property officer Rod Pell.

Team Manager Dhunglang Madhang Don Larcombe, Property officer Mark (Sharkey) Oman.

Emergency Paddlers, Jenny Larcombe, Jacinta Whiting.

If anyone wants to double up and help out Dilligaf during the day we encourage your help. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with your team duties. No junior paddler will be allowed to double up.

2010 YMCA Murray Marathon Inland Teams

Team Dhunglang Madhang, Inland Outriggers.

The Starters
Dennis Scammell (Work, alternate steer.)
Peter Garfield (Work)
Chris Cavanagh (Work)
Karen Schofield (Crewing for a K4 team)
Annie Pankhurst
Amy Foster (Steer)

Tony Kewish
Peter Cole
Bevan Florence
Bill (Absolute Living Legend) Dunn
Norm Braine
Narelle Hunter (Steer)

Team Turbo
Ian Whiting
Tom Reid
Yvonne Stansfield
Troy Clymo
Sonja Scammell
Brad Hunter (Steer)

Team Grunt
Don Larcombe
Liz Bashford (Not available on Day 4 30th)
David Morgans
Mark (Sharky) Oman
Roz Keech
Eleri Kerr (Don and Eleri to share steering duties)

2010 YMCA Murray Marathon Inland Teams

Team Kaylah Kanoah, Inland Outriggers.

Teams for the first TWO days.

Rod’s Chooks (Must be 18 or over)
Maddie McCormick-Hall
Lisa Clarke
Judi Clark
Yvette McCormick-Hall
Karen Hawken
Rod Clark (Steer)

Hanson’s Heroes
Kate Phillips
Thomas Bryans
Rod Pell
Josh Hanson
Sue Proctor
Dylan Guascoine (Steer)

Mark’s Marauders
Nicole Calleja
Nick Clarke
Anthony Kavanagh
Rob Clarke
Mark McQuillan
Alexis Hawken (Steer)

Belly’s Beauties
Ash Bell
Tony Bond
Dave Rowe
Shantelle Keech
Lucy Proctor
Brayden Serpell

Team Kaylah Kanoah, Inland Outriggers.

Teams for the last three days.

Hanson’s Heroes
Kate Phillips
Josh Hanson
Tony Bond
Karen Hawken
Lucy Proctor
Rod Clark (Steer)

Rowey’s Rebels
Maddie McCormick-Hall
Nick Clarke
Dave Rowe
Rob Clarke
Shantelle Keech
Brayden Serpell (Steer, has to work New Years Eve)

Belly’s Beauties
Ash Bell
Yvette McCormick-Hall
Rod Pell
Judi Clark
Thomas Bryans
Alexis Hawken (Steer)

Mark’s Marauders
Nicole Calleja
Lisa Clarke
Sue Proctor
Anthony Kavanagh
Mark McQuillan
Dylan Guascoine (Steer)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Schools Program!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Outlaw Ocean Series Race 4: The Graeme Long Memorial Paddle

Outlaw Ocean Series Race 4: The Graeme Long Memorial Paddle

Key Information

09-Jan-2011 12:00
Urquhart Bluff (2-3km west of Anglesea). No Melways reference.
Torquay SLSC

Event Description

Outlaw 25km winnernotto1

This is the marquee downwind event of the Outlaw Ocean Series of 2010/11 and it is also the only Victorian leg of the Australian Ocean Racing Series, so we will see competitors from all over Australia (and possibly overseas) competing. It is a 25km course that, if the wind blows anywhere near as strong as in the 2010 Outlaw race, will be an absolute cracker!

The distance is further than the other ocean races of the Outlaw Ocean Series, but follows some of the most spectacular coastline in the world along Victoria's famous Great Ocean Road. The race takes in sites such as Anglesea Beach, the magnificent Point Addis, the world famous surfing venues of Bells Beach and Winkipop, Bird Rock, Jan Juc Beach, Torquay Beach and Point Danger.

The course direction will depend on the conditions on the day, with a west-southwesterly wind being the preferred conditions for the Urquharts Bluff to Torquay course. If it blows easterly we will be heading from Torquay to Urquharts Bluff. We will have a better idea in the weeks leading up to the event and will keep everyone informed of forecast conditions on

There will be a halfway beach turn at Point Addis front beach (on the east side of the point), which will allow competitors to crack a few point waves as they make their way down to the beach. This provided one of the highlights of the 2009 event.

Several points such as Point Roadknight, Anglesea Point, Point Addis, Bells Beach, Torquay Point and Point Danger offer several excellent viewing points for spectators along the way. Point Addis in particular offers views as far west as Point Roadknight (8km) and east to Torquay Point (8km), so bring your binoculars! Overall the sheer cliff faces that are characteristic of much of the Great Ocean Road coastline make this race as exhillarating for spectators as it is for competitors.

Course Map

outlaw race 5 big down wind

Online Entry

Click here


There are great prizes on offer for all competitors. Everyone will receive an 'at one with the elements' t-shirt and Hammer nutritional products as a part of their entry fee.


Outlaw paddling will be providing a few selected people the opportunity to follow the race from the water on the Outlaw media/spectator boat.

The cost is $150 per person and includes a three-hour boat ride along the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Urquharts Bluff and back again.

All bookings must be made by 25 December.

For more information on this, please contact:


Peak Adventure has a range of ocean racing skis for hire and will be providing transport to race start, and pick up from race finish, for $60. If you are interested or wish to find out more please click here.


Outlaw paddling will have two large trailers leaving Torquay SLSC at 11am. They will be available to transport all boats to the start location at Urquharts Bluff. We will also be organising a carpooling shuffle at this time. If you are interested, please meet at Torquay SLSC at 11am.


  • Pick up from Melbourne airport on 9th January and drop off on 10 January is $50.
  • Accommodation at Torquay SLSC is $30 (simple surf club-style accommodation - please bring own sheets).
  • Transport to start location from Torquay SLSC at 11am is free.
  • Ocean ski hire is $60.

If you are interested in this package and would like to know more about prices, please contact the team at Outlaw.

Jarad Kohlar: 0409 786 237

Registration and presentations

Late registration will be at the westernmost (closest to Lorne) carpark at Urquharts Bluff, which is the long stretch of beach just past Anglesea.

Presentations will occur at a venue in Torquay TBA.


  • 12.00pm: Late registration opens
  • 1.00pm: Late registration closes
  • 1.15pm: Race briefing
  • 1.30pm: Race start for outriggers, sea kayaks, plastics and women. Intermediate male ocean ski paddlers and spec ski paddlers have the option of starting here or at 2.00pm
  • 2.00pm: Race start for male ocean ski and spec ski paddlers
  • 4.00pm: First finisher across the line
  • 6.00: Presentation at Torquay SLSC


All competitors MUST have and wear a PFD and leashes/leg ropes must be attached from your boat to you. If you come off you have to be connected to your craft. Please do this for your own safety.

Outlaw Ocean Series Race 3: Lorne, Surfcoast, Victoria

Outlaw Ocean Series Race 3: Lorne, Surfcoast, Victoria

Key Information

21-Nov-2010 01:00
Lorne Beach, next to Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club. Melways Ref 518 G8.
As above.

Event Description

The course will be an out-and-back 14-16km course, departing from Lorne beach, turning right around the Lorne pier and heading to a halfway turning buoy just past Cumberland River. The wind can be an asset for the major leg of this course. Swell won't be as much of an influence, but if we are lucky, the course will maximise the wind and bumps. More details on the course will made 3-4 days out from the event. One thing for sure is it will be downwind.

Outlaw Race 4 Lorne


Both registration and presentations to be held at the Outlaw event tent next to Lorne SLSC.


  • 12.00pm: Signin and late registration opens
  • 1.00pm: Signn and late registration closes
  • 1.15pm: Race briefing
  • 1.30pm: Race start for outriggers, sea kayaks, plastics and women. Intermediate male ocean ski paddlers and spec ski paddlers have the option of starting here or at 2.00pm
  • 2.00pm: Race start for male ocean ski and spec ski paddlers
  • 3.00pm: First finisher across the line
  • 4:30pm: Presentation at Outlaw tent next to Lorne SLSC

Kayak Hire

Peak Adventure will be supplying kayaks to hire at a great price of only $30, which can include kayak, life jacket, paddle leash and paddle. To find out more, please follow the link below:

peak adventure


Depending on the course to be run on the day, the race can be viewed at Lorne Beach, Lorne Pier or, if we head out west along the coast from Lorne Pier, then at several points along the Great Ocean Road.


All competitors MUST have and wear a PFD and leashes/leg ropes must be attached from your boat to you. If you come off you have to be connected to your craft. Please do this for your own safety.

Enter Online Now

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A message from Geelong Outriggers!

Geelong 2011 Regatta

Audi Victoria Week

Aloha everyone!

The Geelong Outrigger Canoe Club will proudly host its 16th Annual Regatta on Saturday, January 22 and Sunday, January 23, 2011 as part of Audi Victoria Week.

Outrigger canoeing is traditionally a Polynesian style of boating, featuring very long narrow canoes with an ama (outrigger) off the side of the boat which gives the canoe stability in all types of weather conditions.

We anticipate interstate competitors from South Australia and Tasmania will make the trek to compete alongside Victorian teams (comprising both men and women).

Our regatta boasts two full days of racing, incorporating the grueling 13km marathon which will test the strength and endurance of each crew member to get their canoe around the course in Corio Bay.

There'll be short course sprints for OC6 (6-person crew), OC2 (2-person crew) and OC1 (1-person crew). The sprints will showcase the off-the-line explosiveness required to get theses canoes up and racing, as well as the sheer strength and determination of each crew's need for speed.

There'll be racing in front of the dive tower off the Eastern Beach promenade, highlighting the skill and precision of steerer and crew maneuvering their canoe around turning buoys.

Also, for the first time in our regatta, there’ll be the opportunity to witness one of our exciting “challenge” events that demonstrates the unique water change. This event will showcase paddlers rolling out of their canoe into the water whilst team mates wait in the water for their approaching canoe. They need to time their climb into the moving canoe in order to continue racing. Multiple change-overs will form part of this demonstration.

Most of our weekend of racing will be off Eastern Beach, out past the promenade and up to Limeburners Point.

So why not take advantage of this excellent opportunity to witness, first hand, a truly unique water sport.

We love our sport. You will too!

New Outlaw Series has begun!

Eleri and Alex at Sandridge Beach, Port Phillip Bay at the first of the Outlaw Crits races. They both also attended the Outlaw race at Eastern Beach, Corio Bay, Geelong on Sunday 31st October, 2010 representing Inland. The next race is open ocean on the surf coast at Lorne on Sunday November 21st, 2010. We also have a contingent heading to the Cold Water Classic at Boat Harbour, Tasmania on 12th November.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Race YMCA wouldn't run, blah.blah.

So the "Training" run over the Echuca mini course ran without incident despite 70mm of rain falling within the previous week. And all this after YMCA cancelled the race due to poor road conditions, pity they choose not to consult local authorities and make decisions on data weeks out of date from an office 200km away.
It was a shame as 50 paddlers turned up and paddled the course on their own anyway!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Training, we are now back in the canoe shed!

All our sixes training will now leave from the canoe shed, the water is dropping and the gear is back in the shed!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The canoe Shed in flood.

Before and after shots of a big tree coming down on the houseboat pontoon on the Murray River in flood.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Torrumbarry Weir

Torrumbarry Weir with a high river, taken on 4th Sept. 2010.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Independent Floors our Newest Sponsor!

New training location due to high river levels.

As from today the canoes have been moved to higher ground. Training will take place from the Onion patch. Access is by parking next to the railway line in the car park at the rear of the council offices. We will try and bring paddles and lifejackets along to training so there is no disruption. Those paddling kayaks will have to make their own arrangements. We will take no responsibility for anyone that launches from the canoe club until further notice. The Mirage will be back in the water Sunday so we will have all three canoes available for training.

Junior training you will need to walk to the new location, there is nowhere to change so you have to have your paddling clothes on under your school uniform when you leave school. It is an exciting time paddling a river that is pumping along but all care must be taken to keep safe. Please tell your parents where to pick you up after training.

Please pass the information along to those you know that are not on the email list.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Full Training to Resume!

Back by Popular demand.

9am Latte run OC6, OC1, OC2.

After School Junior Training.

6pm Senior Training OC6, bring your AOCRA lights.

6pm Senior Training OC6, Bring your AOCRA lights.

1pm Don’s Party – anyone with their own single or double can go with Don for a paddle.

(Inland Outriggers)