Saturday, March 14, 2009


The Teddy Bears picnic was a great success, the two piece classic was put to good use with our gun junior flatwater steerer Dillon put through his paces by Grumps and his band of merry men. They were very impressed with his ability on the bumps for a first timer. He could be our secret weapon steering a men's or mixed crew.

Geelong Outriggers turned up with two sixes and a four man. Kai Opua girls also turned up for a paddle. That meant we had three sixes out there training together with half a dozen singles. Everyone else went home after lunch but we stayed for another paddle. After a three hour drive to get here we were not wasting the opportunity. First time Ocean paddlers, Peter, Tim and Sharkey had a great time. Tim got a bit ahead of himself and went out a fair way then hulied, his father was keeping a sharp eye on Tim whilst we were out in the six. Lena our German exchange student went out with the boys for the last run and had a ball. She is very quiet but the smile on her face said it all.

All in all a very productive day with some old friends visiting and joining in the fun.

Now the big news, I sent away our affiliation application to AOCRA for the Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc. Due to some very generous support with some interest free loans we have purchased an old classic from Melbourne and it now sits on the banks of the mighty Murray River awaiting some serious training sessions. The old classic showed its style at our Wednesday night handicap race running fast and true. It is the perfect canoe for the river. Soon I will be off to the Kaua'i World Challenge for my Hawaiian adventure and when I get back we will start our schools and indigenous youth program. Our mission is to engage youth in the sport and our goal is to field a relay OC6 team in this years Murray Marathon. There is much to do but with the support of the community I think we can achieve our goals.

If you would like information on how to join our club or be involved in the Murray Marathon relay email me at

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