Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to join the Inland Outrigger Canoe Club!

Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.

How to join (all membership applications must be done online through the AOCRA website).

New Members.
First go to
Click on Member sign in/Join as a new member.
Then click on the yellow word APPLY to be a new member.
Fill out the page with your details, the zone is NSW and the club is Inland Outrigger Canoe Club.

After you have filled out this page click on proceed, follow the prompts and payment must be made by credit card online. An email will be generated notifying IOCC that you have made application for membership. IOCC will then accept your application. For Juniors once this is done your membership is completed. For Seniors you are required to pay a club fee of $20 payable into IOCC account. The $20 is due when you renew your membership or transfer from another club.

Existing members.
You will have to log on, go to
Then place pointer over the Member sign in box then click on the drop down box marked Club Transfer. It will ask you to log in. Log in using your password and then follow the prompts to transfer from your club to IOCC. If you have a current membership with another club no further payment to AOCRA is required. An email will be generated to your old club asking them to approve the transfer. Once your old club do this your membership with IOCC will be complete. You will be required to pay a $20 club fee if you are a Senior member, there is no further charge for juniors.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR JOINING DATE IS YOUR RENEWAL DATE, membership is 12 months from date of joining.

Bendigo Bank
Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.
BSB no. 633-000
Account. 136107828
If you deposit money into this account make sure you put your membership ID number as reference. Eg: ID 1234.

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