Friday, November 27, 2009

VicSuper YMCA 2009 Murray Marathon Relay Teams.

Team Murray Princess – Inland Outriggers.

Crew 1. Geelong-Patto Flyers

Steve Vegh
Maggie Vegh
Lisa Clarke
Kerry Miers
Janine Shaw
John Shaw (The Hammer)

Crew 2. Team Turbo

Brad Hunter (Grunter)
Jane McMullen
Jeff Watson
Yvonne Stansfield (Stansy)
Troy Clymo
Pat Schram

Crew 3. Legends

Dennis Scammell
Tony Kewish
William (Bill) Dunn
Bevan Florence
Norm Braine
Shane Scammell

Crew 4. Team Phillips

Tim Phillips
Peter Phillips
Mark Oman (Sharky)
Ruth Phillips
Anna Phillips
Narelle Hunter (Mrs Grunter)

Team Dhunglang Madhang-Inland Outriggers

The Kids

Shantelle Keech
Peta Clark
Hayden Larcombe
Fedor Balabanov
Adrian Rose
Amy Foster
Katina Hawken (Kat)
Alexis Hawken (Lexy)
Dylan Guascoine
Kate Phillips (Little Kate)
Joshua Hanson (Josh)
Ashley Bell (Ash)
Nicole Calleja
Brayden Serpell
Maddie McCormack-Hall (Mad dog)

The Coppers

Simon Overland (aka The Chief)
Bernadette Cowley (Bull dog)
Rod Pell (P!@#$)
Anthony Kavanagh (Kav)

The Paddlesteamer Captain, the teacher and the elder

Peter Garfield
Kate Gready (Big Kate)
Rick Ronnan

The Parents

Judi Clark
Jenny Larcombe
Don Larcombe
Roz Keech
Irena Balabanova (The Russian)
Sonja Scammell

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