Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inland canoes in form.

An article from the local Riverine Herald today. Single click to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patterson Lakes Canoe Race by Ella.

Re: Patterson Lakes Canoe Race 17th May.
by Ella on Mon May 18, 2009 3:01 pm
Okay. Well we had 10 outriggers line up for the PLCC Winter Series race 2. Two OC6s, two OC2s and six OC1s. Got off to a very late start as the flood gates into the canals were shut, and they really wanted to get them opened to run the full course, rather than everyone doing laps of the river. Eventually they got it sorted and we were on our way. All the outriggers started together in start 3. The OC6s did a 15km course - 3 laps of the river section. Everyone else did 18km - 3 laps of a 6km course including a section in the canals. We decided it was probably a bit dangerous to send the OC6s through the canals - not much room in there means a high chance of squishing a kayak!! The girls OC6 got a good start, sitting right next to the boys crew (literally, we were rubbing their ama!!).
The attempt to put young Dylan off didn't work - he calmly held his line and the boys powered away!! The OC1s and 2s turned off to go through the canals and the OC6s had the river mostly to themselves for most of the first lap - just a few kayak relay teams up the top end, as everyone else went through the canals. Got to cheer everyone on as they came out of the canals as we headed back down to the start line and again as we headed back up on each lap. Made sure to scream at Notto on every lap to stop slacking and get back up with Wade! The boys OC6 kept pulling away from the girls crew (sorry Dan, you're a girl now!!), and Clarkie and Bondy would pass us right at the end of each lap, despite paddling an extra km per lap. On the last lap, Janine made a $5 bet with Al Opie and his TK2 partner that we would beat them to the finish, right before he turned the closest buoy to head back - we still had almost another km to go before our turn around!! We tried to fire the crew up to beat them back anyway, but there wasn't much energy left by then (we had three novices in our crew who had been slightly misled about the distance involved in this race. They did a great job sticking out that extra 9km they weren't expecting!!). Coming past the exit from the canals on the last lap, we saw Clarkie and Bondy again. Told the crew we were not letting them beat us to the finish!! We tried hard, but they just pipped us on the line. Oh, well, it was a big ask for a crew going 9km further than they would've liked to beat a crew going about 90km less than they would've liked!! So OC6s: Inland Outrigger boys, PLOCC/IOCC combined girls crewOC2: Bondy/Clarkie, Maya/HelenOC1: Steve Vegh, Notto, Wade, Lisa, Brian, Stefan (think that's the right order)Ella

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kauai World Challenge Action

The editor of OC Paddler riding the Pueo, not yet available in Australia, a seriously nice ride!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to join the Inland Outrigger Canoe Club!

Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.

How to join (all membership applications must be done online through the AOCRA website).

New Members.
First go to
Click on Member sign in/Join as a new member.
Then click on the yellow word APPLY to be a new member.
Fill out the page with your details, the zone is NSW and the club is Inland Outrigger Canoe Club.

After you have filled out this page click on proceed, follow the prompts and payment must be made by credit card online. An email will be generated notifying IOCC that you have made application for membership. IOCC will then accept your application. For Juniors once this is done your membership is completed. For Seniors you are required to pay a club fee of $20 payable into IOCC account. The $20 is due when you renew your membership or transfer from another club.

Existing members.
You will have to log on, go to
Then place pointer over the Member sign in box then click on the drop down box marked Club Transfer. It will ask you to log in. Log in using your password and then follow the prompts to transfer from your club to IOCC. If you have a current membership with another club no further payment to AOCRA is required. An email will be generated to your old club asking them to approve the transfer. Once your old club do this your membership with IOCC will be complete. You will be required to pay a $20 club fee if you are a Senior member, there is no further charge for juniors.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR JOINING DATE IS YOUR RENEWAL DATE, membership is 12 months from date of joining.

Bendigo Bank
Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.
BSB no. 633-000
Account. 136107828
If you deposit money into this account make sure you put your membership ID number as reference. Eg: ID 1234.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Upstream with a paddle project!

Upstream with a Paddle Program
An initiative of the Inland Outrigger Canoe Club
What is the Program all about?
The Inland Outrigger Canoe Club, in partnership with the Echuca Police, Echuca Regional Health and various other
local community groups, has initiated an exciting Program to be known as ‘Upstream with a Paddle’.
This program has been developed in response to a growing community need which has been identified by
members of the local police force, those at Echuca Regional Health and teachers at our local schools. It has
become evident that there is a significant increase in the number of youth in our region who are either
disadvantaged or have become disengaged from education, skills training or employment. The Upstream with a
Paddle program will aim to assist these youth and re‐engage them with mainstream society before they slip
through the cracks.
Who will the Program target?
Specifically, the Program will target local disadvantaged and disengaged youth aged between 12 and 17 who need
some support to get their lives back on track. As part of the Program, participants will have the opportunity to
become part of an exciting sporting club where they will be trained in outrigger canoeing and assessed on their
swimming and canoeing ability, all in preparation for the renowned annual YMCA Murray Marathon.
The Marathon has been running for some 40 years and is a 5 day, 404km canoe race along the Murray River. The
experience of being involved in the Marathon is both challenging and empowering, and by getting some of our
local youth involved, we are giving them a task to focus on that will teach them some invaluable life skills along the
What will participants learn?
At any one time, there will be six paddlers in each canoe, all learning how to work as a team. Each paddler must
learn the different positions of the canoe, of which each has a different function, role and responsibility to the
success of the team. Participants will learn important skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork and
respect for others.
All participants will also have the opportunity to paddle alongside some very respected members of the local
community, including police, those in the health services industry and teachers, all of whom can mentor these
youth to ensure they do make the most of the opportunity given to them. This networking opportunity will also
serve them well in the future when the participants are seeking training or employment positions.
As an added bonus, all participants will have the opportunity to train and compete in outrigger canoeing,
improving their health, wellbeing and fitness levels.
Who is involved in the Program?
The Program is an initiative of the Inland Outrigger Canoe Club, in partnership with the Echuca Police and Echuca
Regional Health. It is also hoped that other community orientated organisations such as yours will provide support
for the Program to ensure that it can get off the ground.
What does the project involve?
Before the Inland Outrigger Canoe Club can commence the Upstream with a Paddle Program, some crucial
equipment must be purchased, including a customised lightweight 6 person canoe, life jackets, paddles, a canoe
trailer, camping gear and funds to contribute to the entry costs involved in competing in the Murray Marathon.
Applications for funding for these items are currently being made, but require your support!
How can you help?
By providing us with a letter of support for the Upstream with a Paddle Program to include with our applications
for funding! If you are able to provide any other form of support that would also be greatly appreciated!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hawaiian Action

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