Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Race YMCA wouldn't run, blah.blah.

So the "Training" run over the Echuca mini course ran without incident despite 70mm of rain falling within the previous week. And all this after YMCA cancelled the race due to poor road conditions, pity they choose not to consult local authorities and make decisions on data weeks out of date from an office 200km away.
It was a shame as 50 paddlers turned up and paddled the course on their own anyway!

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  1. Thanks a heap for accommodating us on Saturday Clarkie. Was a great experience for the team to be in a race like environment in the OC6, and I'm sure we all picked up a few things from the paddle.
    We hope to make it over to do some more practice with you guys when we find the time.
    Thanks again,
    Ray - Team DILLIGAF