Saturday, January 28, 2012

Old War Stories, this one from Peter Tremain and Rambo!

‎"Rambo" I remember in 1995 National Titles @ Rockhampton, Mooloolaba Masters started the race with no covers (as did lot’s of crews but not all) and just after the start the weather changed and i had to bail continuously from seat 5 for the entire 16k race. I could never get all the water out, but managed to keep the canoe high enough to maintain our lead in the race, dispite constant swamping. That was until 200 metres from the finish line when we took a huge swamping and sunk the canoe up to the gunnel’s. At that point every everyone had stopped paddling and had given up and i was so pissed at having bailed all that way i screamed at the crew to just paddle submarine style to try and make it to the finish line, as we had a sizable lead over 2nd and 3rd canoe. With the encouragement of most of the crowd on the beach we paddled underwater like crazy and passed over the line and won by half a boat length and an excited Ronnie Grabbe through his paddle so high in the air, i don’t think it ever came down.

It was one of the sweetest wins you could ever have and was a big part of what built the Mooloolaba Masters into the crew it is today and still gets talked about when the grog flows at the bar.

This was the crew - Rambo, Ronnie Grabbe, Pete Tremain, Adrian Blandford, Neil Campbell, Greg Anderson.

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