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Newsletter #3

Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Newsletter #3

Echuca mini 17th October, 2009

Names and payments are now being taken for the YMCA Echuca mini marathon to be held on 17th October, 2009. We are entering two teams of 18 paddlers in the six person outriggers. Don Larcombe is taking names and the $20 entry fee now from interested paddlers. We are hoping everyone in the club will support this event and paddle with us.. Please catch up with Don at training.

Registered members.

We are proud to announce we have 37financial members of the club. If you know anyone who would like to join then bring them down to training. We need more paddlers to participate in the YMCA Murray Marathon.

Upsteam with a paddle program!

Training for all junior paddlers is at 3.30pm after school on Monday nights. The mission for all our juniors is to bring down one friend and introduce them to our great sport. There are heaps of places for kids to compete in the relay at Christmas. The ultimate aim of the program is to enter two six person relay teams in this years YMCA Murray Marathon. This will include all our senior paddlers who wish to participate. So join us and have a go. We will be compiling a list of paddlers for those teams in the very near future.

World sprints in Noumea 2010

The AOCRA National Sprints Titles in February at Bond University in Qld will act as a selection event for the World Titles. Several of our members intend to compete for qualification. If you think you have what it takes perhaps you should send us an email and we can assist you with preparation and training. Of particular interest is the singles racing which must be done in a V1 (rudderless single) to qualify. They are hard to paddle. If you are fair dinkum consider buying one from Zulu.

Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.
AGM 2/8/09 Minutes.
Time : 11.30am

Members Present. Rod Clark, Judi Clark, Troy Clymo, Glenda Duke, Anthony Kavanagh, Don Larcombe, Ken McMullen, Marg McMullen, Mark Oman, Peter Phillips, Dennis Scammell, Shane Scammell, Yvonne Stansfield.
Juniors. Tim Phillips, Kate Phillips, Steven Scammell, Josh Foster.

Apologies : Tony Bond President, Alex James.

Meeting opened by Vice President Ken McMullen.

Election of office Bearers.
Fees for financial year.
Constitution amendment.

Office Bearers.

All positions up for re election.


AOCRA ID. SURNAME Given name DOB Address
3138 BOND Tony
3136 CLARK Rod
3932 McMULLAN Ken
3194 KAVANAGH Anthony
3161 CLARK Judi
4217 OMAN Mark

3237 STANSFIELD Yvonne

Motion: To elect listed office bearers as no further nominations have come forward.
Ken McMullen.

Seconded: Judi Clark

Carried: Unanimous.

Fees for season 2009/10.

Fees : Motion Rod Clark, keep them as they are. No charge for juniors, $20 for seniors due when AOCRA membership is renewed.

Seconded: Ken McMullen

Carried: Unanimous.

Change to Constitution.

Constitution : Motion Rod Clark. To amend our constitution to reflect the current banking system which is online. At present our constitution only allows for a Cheque account.

15.2 All accounts due by the Club shall be paid by cheque after having being passed for payment at the Management Committee Meeting and when immediate payment is necessary, account/s shall be paid and the action endorsed at the next Management Committee Meeting.


15.2 All accounts due by the Club shall be paid by cheque or electronic funds transfer after having being passed for payment at the Management Committee Meeting and when immediate payment is necessary, account/s shall be paid and the action endorsed at the next Management Committee Meeting.

Seconded : Ken McMullen.

Carried: Unanimous.

Financial report will be forwarded to members after an audit which will be organized by the Treasurer Anthony Kavanagh.

A General Meeting will be called in the near future to discuss further general business, please provide the secretary with any items you wish to put on the agenda.

Meeting Closed.
Time: 11.55am

How to join (all membership applications must be done online through the AOCRA website).

New Members.
First go to
Click on Member sign in/Join as a new member.
Then click on the yellow word APPLY to be a new member.
Fill out the page with your details, the zone is NSW and the club is Inland Outrigger Canoe Club.

After you have filled out this page click on proceed, follow the prompts and payment must be made by credit card online. An email will be generated notifying IOCC that you have made application for membership. IOCC will then accept your application. For Juniors once this is done your membership is completed. For Seniors you are required to pay a club fee of $20 payable into IOCC account. The $20 is due when you renew your membership or transfer from another club.

Existing members.
You will have to log on, go to
Then place pointer over the Member sign in box then click on the drop down box marked Club Transfer. It will ask you to log in. Log in using your password and then follow the prompts to transfer from your club to IOCC. If you have a current membership with another club no further payment to AOCRA is required. An email will be generated to your old club asking them to approve the transfer. Once your old club do this your membership with IOCC will be complete. You will be required to pay a $20 club fee if you are a Senior member, there is no further charge for juniors.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR JOINING DATE IS YOUR RENEWAL DATE, membership is 12 months from date of joining.

Bendigo Bank
Inland Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.
BSB no. 633-000
Account. 136107828
If you deposit money into this account make sure you put your membership ID number as reference. Eg: ID 1234.


Sunday 9am Women.
Sunday 10.30am Men.
Monday after school, Juniors.
Tuesday 5.30pm Men.
Thursday 5.30pm Women.

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