Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teams for the Echuca mini 50km relay.

YMCA Echuca Mini Marathon 2009

Team TeAwarere (The river swift)
Leg 1.
1. Tim Phillips
2. Rod Pell
3. Brighton Moore
4. Marg McMullan
5. Tayelor Herman
6. Shane Scammell

Leg 2.
1. Fedor Balabanova
2. Alex James
3. Roz Keech
4. Irena Balabanova
5. Alexis Hawken
6. Hayden Larcombe

Leg 3.
1. Maddison McCormack-Hall
2. Nicholas Carr
3. Geoffrey Watson
4. Brayden Serpell
5. Mark McQuillan
6. Kate Phillips

Team Murray Princess
Leg 1.
1. Anthony Kavanagh
2. Jenny Larcombe
3. Trevor Archibald
4. Joshua Hansen
5. William Dunn (Bill our living legend)
6. Patricia Schram

Leg 2.
1. Peta Clark
2. Bernadette Cowley
3. Luke Jopich
4. Ruth Phillips
5. Mariah Andrews
6. Dennis Scammell

Leg 3.
1. Kate Gready
2. Ashley Bell
3. Troy Clymo
4. Jane McMullan
5. Shantelle Keech
6. Donald Larcombe

First emergency
Amy Foster.

All paddlers except Brayden Serpell, Mariah Andrews, Alex James, William Dunn and Trevor Archibald must meet at the Echuca/Moama canoe club at 8am sharp where you will get into as few cars as possible and travel to Barmah. On arrival you must set up the outrigger canoes and enter so be on time. Bring food, drink, sunscreen, hat, (a drink bladder to sit in the bottom of the canoe) and a change of clothes.
Your teams have been selected carefully so you must paddle in the leg and seat you have been allocated. So know where you are sitting before the canoe arrives for your leg.

Changeovers: The canoe will not be turned around to change over, it will be gently steered into the bank, this is where the new crew will be waiting standing IN the water to change over. The new crew will stop the canoe whilst the paddlers disembark then the new crew will get in whilst the canoe is held steady by the crew that have just paddled their leg.

The most important rule when paddling with the Inland Outriggers is HAVE FUN!

Tony and Rod.

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