Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 YMCA Murray Marathon Inland Teams

Team Dhunglang Madhang, Inland Outriggers.

The Starters
Dennis Scammell (Work, alternate steer.)
Peter Garfield (Work)
Chris Cavanagh (Work)
Karen Schofield (Crewing for a K4 team)
Annie Pankhurst
Amy Foster (Steer)

Tony Kewish
Peter Cole
Bevan Florence
Bill (Absolute Living Legend) Dunn
Norm Braine
Narelle Hunter (Steer)

Team Turbo
Ian Whiting
Tom Reid
Yvonne Stansfield
Troy Clymo
Sonja Scammell
Brad Hunter (Steer)

Team Grunt
Don Larcombe
Liz Bashford (Not available on Day 4 30th)
David Morgans
Mark (Sharky) Oman
Roz Keech
Eleri Kerr (Don and Eleri to share steering duties)

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