Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YMCA Murray Marathon Schedule.

Marathon Timetable
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Dec 26 - Check in and Briefing Dec 27 - Yarrawonga to Tocumwal 94km
Dec 28 - Picnic Point to Echuca 76km
Dec 29 - Echuca to Torrumbarry 63km
Dec 30 - Murrabit to Swan Hill 75km
Dec 31 - Murrabit to Swan Hill 75km
Each day is divided into four stages, separated by checkpoints. Officials record each paddler’s progress at every checkpoint for safety and time-keeping purposes. Checkpoints allow competitors and teams to change paddlers, pick up refreshments and rest aching muscles during the event. Results and standings are posted at each campsite. If you are unable to complete the course on any day you must notify the official checkpoint leader of your withdrawal. You may then start as normal on the next or any subsequent day.

Dec.26th 1pm Sharp.

All paddlers are required to assemble at our Yarrawonga Campsite at 1pm.

We will need to have the canoes scrutineered, get our relay tickets, put the canoes together and chain them on the grass bank next to the boat ramp.

4 pm Team meetings.

Overall team briefing, then separate briefing for each team, work out your car scuttles for tomorrow now, fill out your relay tickets, make sure the first three crews have lifejackets(junior team only). A set of paddles will stay in the canoe for the duration of the day, lifejackets must be WORN by all junior crew paddlers regardless of age. Six lifejackets must be placed in the senior crew canoe each morning. The senior crew have the option of wearing their own lifejacket. All the red jackets will be in use by the junior crew so the seniors need to source their own.
All paddlers must attend the briefing at Yarrawonga oval in the evening, their may be more course changes we have to work out.

Legends crew, please take the trailer back with you to Tocumwal after the briefing and park it next to the big Fish the next morning before you head off to do your leg.


After the briefing return to camp and relax, get ready for the great adventure.

Nominate a property officer/s for each team to keep track of our very expensive equipment.

Due to course changes the canoes have to be trailered to the next start on Day1, Day3, Day4, Day5.
At Tocumwal at the end of day one the trailer will be parked next to the big fish by the Legends ready for us to load the canoe. We must load up quickly and drive to Picnic Point and set them up again on the grass ready to go in the morning.
When we paddle into Echuca we will chain the canoes at their normal spot at Vic Park Boat Ramp ready for Day3.
At Torrumbarry Rod Pell will have parked the trailer at the finish line close to the boat ramp prior to our arrival. We then have to drive to Murrabit and set the canoes up again.
At Swan Hill we should have the trailer parked 200m downstream of the finish upstream of the bridge so we can load up from the grassy bank. Pack up and go back to Murrabit for the repeat of Day4.

You may bring your own(Seniors).
Kaylah Kanoah to use the red club lifejackets.
There will not be enough for five legs so make sure you pass them on to those that need them later.


26th December Yarrawonga Caravan Park.

27th and 28th December two nights at Echuca (option to stay at Picnic Point caravan park on 27th will avoid a very early start in the morning)

29th Murrabit Football Club

30th Murrabit Football Club (Catered)

31st Swan Hill, Official camp site. Please stay with us and tell stories about our great adventure.


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