Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paddlers Schedule for the Murray Marathon.

Inland Outriggers Paddlers Schedule.
Day One. Yarrawong to Tocumwal

Dhunglang Madhang Kaylah Kanoah
Start 22km The Starters Hanson’s Heroes

Alpha 21km Legends Mark’s Marauders

Bravo 25km Team Grunt Belly’s Beauties

Charlie 26km Team Turbo Rod’s Chooks

Day Two. Picnic Point to Echuca
Start 26km The Starters Rod’s Chooks

Bravo 12km Legends Mark’s Marauders

Charlie 16km Team Turbo Hanson’s Heroes

Delta 22km Team Grunt Belly’s Beauties

Day Three. Echuca to Torrumbarry
Start 15km The Starters Mark’s Marauders

Alpha 15km Team Turbo Rowey’s Rebels

Bravo 17km Team Grunt Belly’s Beauties

Charlie 16km Legends Hanson’s Heroes

Day Four. Murrabit to Swan Hill
Start 15km The Starters Belly’s Beauties

Alpha 16km Legends Rowey’s Rebels

Bravo 24km Team Turbo Hanson’s Heroes

Charlie 20km Team Grunt Mark’s Marauders

Day Five. Murrabit to Swan Hill
Start 15km The Starters Rowey’s Rebels

Alpha 16km Team Turbo Hanson’s Heroes

Bravo 24km Team Grunt Mark’s Marauders

Charlie 20km Legends Belly’s Beauties

If one of your crew can’t paddle for any reason they may be replaced by another member of your team, BUT, no person can paddle two consecutive legs.

Seat allocations are as per the teams, ie first person named is seat one etc.

These teams have been carefully selected to cater for work commitments, balance and performance over the entire race, no correspondence will be entered into.

Team Manager Kaylah Kanoah Rod Clark, Property officer Rod Pell.

Team Manager Dhunglang Madhang Don Larcombe, Property officer Mark (Sharkey) Oman.

Emergency Paddlers, Jenny Larcombe, Jacinta Whiting.

If anyone wants to double up and help out Dilligaf during the day we encourage your help. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with your team duties. No junior paddler will be allowed to double up.

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